About Mycra Pac Brand Rainwear

Woman in New York Wearing Mycra Pac

Going In Style Travel Accessories carries a large assortment of Mycra Pac coats at our store located in Palo Alto, CA - Going In Style is your Bay Area stop for all things Mycra Pac. Stop by our store at Stanford Shopping Center and try on a gorgeous A-line Mycra Pac Raincoat for yourself. Mycra Pac brand rain wear merges fashion and function with this timeless A-line raincoat. Mycra Pac is expertly sewn in the USA and designed with the everyday woman in mind. It began with an idea, that fashion could be eye catching, dramatic, beautiful and comfortable. Mycra Pac is a coat that you can feel good wearing anywhere in the San Francisco area. Perfect for your BART train ride commute to keep you dry, yet looking professional. Your Mycra Pac raincoat can go from work in the city, to dinner at the Stinking Rose, to Ferry's Plaza Farmers’ Market on the weekend, to the Height Street Market grocery store and its so lightweight it packs up easily in your favorite tote bag. Donatella raincoats are meant to be portable and fold up so they don’t take up much room at all in your luggage. Its two tone, reversible design makes the coat double functional and can slide right into any capsule wardrobe.

Mycra Pac began with a vision of bringing beautiful, comfortable coats to every woman. Mycra Pac believes comfort comes first, but without sacrificing bold style. Raglan sleeves are a hallmark of the Mycra Pac Donatella raincoat. The benefit of raglan sleeves is it fits any shoulder width and leaves extra room in the sleeve to layer the raincoat over bulky sweaters. Raglan sleeves on the Mycra Pac coat are a comfortable alternative to set in sleeves of a trench coat, without sacrificing fit. Sleeves button at the cuff and can be rolled up to reveal the color on the otherside of the coat. Vertical pocket openings that open to deep side pockets are perfect for dropping in your cell phone, tissue or pocket warmers on colder days.

The signature feature of the Mycra Pac Donatella raincoats are the pleated, oversize hood that is just so stunning. When you are not using the pleated hood, the hood drapes around the neckline and forms a dramatic, textured collar that you will not see anywhere else. The collar can be draped over the shoulders or wrapped around your neck like a scarf to add dimension and regality to your look.

Four lengths are offered in the Donatella version of the Mycra Pac coat. When choosing the best length of Mycra Pac coat for yourself you can refer to our lengths guide to get a better idea of the mini, short, tea and long length coats. Which length you choose is a personal choice, however the short length is the most popular, as it is a wonderful compromise between the mini length, that can be more casual and the tea length, which many customers view as more formal.

Sizing for the Mycra Pac raincoats is generous and one size of raincoat can span a few dress sizes. For example, the XS coat can fit someone who is 95 lbs or someone who is 125 lbs. Donatella coats are meant to be an overcoat that drapes over an outfit without a lot of structure. The lack and structure and loose fit make the coat more comfortable to wear for traveling and long commutes. Going In Style recommends, if you have any doubt about what size to choose, sizing down is generally a good idea. You can refer to our Mycra Pac Size Chart. The size chart are the measurements of the raincoat taken with the coat flat on a table. You can compare these measurements to a coat you already own, or double the measurements to get an idea of how much room is in the bust, waist and hips.

Mycra Pac raincoats are made of a nylon polyester blend. The fabric features a slight shimmer that is very subtle and pretty. Mycra Pac raincoats are easy to care for. Care instructions can be found inside the pocket of the raincoat. You can easily spot treat your raincoat with a damp cloth and a bit of gentle soap. If your raincoat needs a full cleaning, you can generally put your overcoat in the washing machine on delicate and hang it to dry. Sometimes the waterproofing needs to be revived, but that is a simple process we have outlined on our website.

Although, Donatella raincoats do not offer any insulation, you can wear your raincoat on colder days by layering it over large sweaters or an insulated coat. Overall, Mycra Pac is the perfect commuter coat for rainy Pacific Northwest weekdays, the perfect travel coat for Europe’s drizzly Spring weather and the perfect overcoat for running out the door when you are not quite sure what the weather has in store for you that day.