Dual Voltage Electrics Video

Before traveling to a foreign country, it is important to make sure all your appliances, such as hair dryer, and electronic devices are dual voltage. Shop dual voltage hair dryers, dual voltage curling irons, dual voltage hair straighteners at Going In Style Travel Accessories 609 Stanford Shopping Center Palo Alto, CA 94304 - Stop by our store and our expert staff can help you choose the correct electrics and travel adapters for your trip. Watch Going In Style's video about dual voltage appliances to learn how to check if your electrics are dual voltage.

How To Tell If Your Appliance is Dual Voltage Video

Before leaving for your trip, you should inventory all your electrics, electronics and any device that will need to be plugged in to charge. Check the label to make sure that all your devices are dual voltage. The United States operates on 110 to 120 voltage and United States electrics are designed for this voltage. The United Kingdom operates on 240 voltage and England electrics are designed for 240 voltage. If a hair dryer is dual voltage the label will list the lowest and highest voltage as 115 / 240 or 110 / 250 - so you know that the hair dryer will operate on both voltages. If your hair straightener is NOT dual voltage then the label may say 110 or 110 / 120. If you try to operate a hair straightener in the UK that is not dual voltage you can damage the device.

If you need to travel with a device that is not dual voltage you can purchase a converter to convert the electricity to the correct voltage. Converters are often bulky, heavy and expensive, therefore Going In Style often recommends you just purchase a dual voltage travel version of the device you need to bring. For example, you want to bring your electric shaver, but it is not dual voltage, instead of purchasing a converter, you can purchase a dual voltage electric shaver design specifically for travel. Travel appliances also have the added benefit of being compact, lightweight and foldable to pack easily in your luggage.