Travel Adapter Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for all things travel adapters. Our customers always have a lot of questions about travel adapters. We have put together a list of the most asked questions about adapter plugs. You can shop for travel adapters, transformers, converters and dual voltage appliances at our flagship store Going In Style Travel Accessories 609 Stanford Shopping Center Palo Alto, CA 94304 and our expert adapter staff can help answer all your adapter questions. We are Bay Areas favorite adapter plug store.

What adapter plug do I need for my iPhone, iPad, Apple computer when I travel?

When traveling with an apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple laptop) you simply need to bring the correct travel adapter for the country you will be visiting. Apple products are all dual voltage and do not need a converter. Apple devices generally use a non-grounded adapter plug, however you can also use a grounded adapter to charge your iPhone, iPad or Apple laptop computer. Learn more about charging your iPhone while traveling on our blog >>

What adapter plug do I need for my Samsung phone, Galaxy, Note phone?

When traveling with a Samsung phone you will simply need a travel adapter for your destination country to charge your phone.

Will my adapter work for all electrical devices: appliances or electronics?
Yes. Just be sure to check if you need a grounded or non-grounded adapter and whether you need a power converter or not

What is the difference between an adapter plug and a voltage converter?
An adapter does not regulate the voltage that flows to your devices, while a converter will. Check the voltage of the country you are visiting, if it is higher than the USA 110 volts, you will need a converter for single voltage appliances to ensure they will not overheat and break. 

How can I tell if my appliance is single or dual voltage?
Check the label of your appliance, it will either have one voltage or two. For example, if your appliance says 110 V, that would indicate single voltage. If it says 110/220V or 110-220V that indicates a dual voltage appliance which will work anywhere in the world with the correct adapter plug. Watch Going In Style's Video How To Tell If Your Appliance Is Dual Voltage.

My plug won’t fit in the adapter
Adapter plug holes can be tight the first few times you use it. Simply plug and unplug your appliance from the adapter several times while not connected to the wall to loosen it up. This tightness of fit will ensure a solid electrical connection.

Do I have the right adapter?
Please refer to our adapter guide. You can also read our blog post about adapter naming convention. If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone on our customer service line 650-394-4751 or by email

Why is my adapter titled with another country’s name?
Many adapters are shared among multiple countries, but are named after the most popular country. An example would be the South Africa plug being used in England because South Africa was part of the British Empire for a long time. You can refer to the adapter product page of the country adapter you ordered to see if you have the correct adapter here adapters by country listed A to Z.

Why do I need more than one type of adapter for traveling to one country?
Many countries will use more than one adapter plug and will have more than one type of wall outlet. This could be because the country borders changed location, the country was occupied by another country at some point in history, or a region of the country was influenced by its neighboring countries. Which kind of wall outlet you will encounter may depend on the region of the country, whether you are staying in an old building or a newer building, or whether your hotel primarily caters to tourists. If you want to know which wall outlet the hotel you will be staying in has, simply call the hotel and ask.

Do I need a grounded or non-grounded adapter plug?
If your device has three prongs you will need a grounded adapter. Two pronged plugs will fit in either grounded or non-grounded adapters. Read Going In Style's blog post Grounded Vs. Nongrounded Adapters.

Why do I need a U.S. (North America) adapter if I am from the U.S.?
The U.S. requires all outlets to be polarized for safety, meaning one prong is larger than the other. Most other countries do not have polarized outlets, and therefore, your plugs will not fit into their smaller outlets unless you take the adapter. 

Another website uses a different naming convention so did you send me the wrong adapter?

There is no standard naming convention for adapter plugs. Each website and company can use their own naming convention for adapters. It is best to look at the pin configuration or refer to our adapter guide. You can read our blog post about Going In Style’s adapter naming convention >>

Do I need an adapter, converter or transformer for my laptop computer?

You only need the correct country travel adapter for your laptop computer. You do not need a converter or a transformer.

What is a transformer?

A transformer is a heavy duty converter meant to operate continuously 24/7. Most travelers do not need to bring a transformer. A transformer would be used for an appliance such as a refrigerator that needs to run continuously. Some travelers also need to bring a transformer for medical devices.