Grounded and Non Grounded Travel Adapters Video

Going In Style at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA sells grounded and nongrounded adapters for every country and region in the world. Many customers ask, "Do I need a grounded or nongrounded adapter for my trip?" If you need help choosing a travel adapter, our expert staff can help you determine the best adapter for your trip. Watch Going In Style's Video about Grounded Vs. NonGrounded Adapter Plugs to see what a three pronged earthed plug vs a two prong plug looks like.

How To Tell If You Need a Grounded or Non-Grounded Adapter Plug Video


Whether you will need a grounded or non grounded adapter depends on electronic items you will be taking on your trip. Going In Style recommends you inventory all the electrics you will be packing including hair dryers, phone chargers, laptops, iPads, and hair straighteners. 

Grounded power plugs have three prong (two flat prongs and one round prong). The ground is the round prong that goes into the round hole in your outlet. The third grounded prong is a safety mechanism that prevents excess electricity from escaping the outlet and also prevents the electrical outlet from being burned, but most importantly protects users from being shocked when plugging in appliances that are encased in metal. Non grounded power plugs have two flat prongs and are usually found on plastic appliances. Most cellphone chargers, hair straighteners and battery chargers are non grounded, but it is always important to check you power devices before you travel.

If your appliance has a plug with two prongs you can purchase a non-grounded travel adapter for the country you will be traveling to. If your appliance plug has three prongs you will need a grounded adapter to plug in your device when you travel.