Packing Checklist

Bay Area Packing Tips

Travel Packing Checklist from Going In Style is a comprehensive checklist of everything you will need to do and pack for your trip before leaving from the Bay Area. Personal items, toiletries, clothing, first aid kit and more, are all included in this packing checklist.

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Passport(s), Visa(s) & Photo ID(s)
Health & Vaccination Documents
Medical Insurance Information
Emergency Contact Information
Tickets / Itinerary / Hotel Info
Frequent Flyer Cards
Travelers Checks
Cash & Foreign Currency
Credit Cards & ATM Cards
Telephone Calling Card
Trip Cancellation Insurance
Copies of Passport & Tickets
Advise Credit Card Company of trip

Stop Newspapers & Deliveries
Post Office to Hold Mail
Plan Care for Lawn, Plants & Pets
Set Up a Timed Lighting System
Leave Trip Itinerary & Copy of Passport with Friend or Neighbor
Eliminate Possible Fire Hazards (unplug appliances, etcetera)
Adjust Thermostat & Water Heater
Store Valuables in Safe Place
Lock all Windows & Doors
Reconfirm Schedule with Airlines
Sewing Kit & Eyeglass Repair Kit
Travel Iron / Steamer
Sink Stopper & Inflatable Hangers
Detergent / Woolite
Clothesline & Clothespins
Spot / Stain Remover
Laundry Bag
Wrinkle Free – Clothing Care

Travel Locks - REG & TSA
Cable Locks for Backpacks, etc
Security Belts / Wallets
Luggage Straps – Colorful
Luggage Tags – Colorful
Flashlight / Flashcard & Whistle
Jewelry Bags
Portable Door Lock
Night Light & Smoke Alarm

Eyeglasses / Contacts & Eye Drops
Razor & Shaving Oil / Cream
Electric Shaver
Hair Brush / Comb & Hair Spray
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Dental Floss / Water Pik
Deodorant & Mouthwash
Soap & Shampoo, etc
Skin Care Lotion & Creams
Cosmetics & Make-Up Remover
Travel Mirror & Manicure Kit
Hair Dryer & Hair Curlers
Curling Iron & Curling Iron Cover
Microfiber Body & Hair Towels
Travel Bottles & Containers
Facial Tissues & Bath Tissues
Small Mesh Bags / Zip Lock Bags
Perfume & Atomizer

Packing Cubes & Folders
Shirts or Blouses
Pants or Slacks
Skirts & Casual Dresses
Shorts & T-Shirts
Jacket & Windbreaker
Sweater, Vest & Sweatshirt
Evening Gown / Tuxedo
Dress / Sport Coat, Tie & Slacks
Dress Shoes
Travel Slippers
Walking Shoes & Sandals
Shoe Carrier & Shoe Bags
Travel Socks
Swim Suit
Gloves & Belts
Insect Repellent Clothing
Sun Hat / Sun Visor / Sunglasses
Scarf & Bandanna
Underwear & Hosiery
Nightwear & Robe
Rain Hat & Umbrella
Raincoat & Rain Drizzle Boots

Maps & Guidebooks
Luggage & Backpack
Phrase Books / Translators
Travel Pillow
Travel Seat Cushion
Eyeshades & Earplugs
Camera, Batteries & Tripod
Travel Alarm Clock
Expandable Shopping Bag
Notebook / Travel Journal
Pens & Address Book
Water Bottle Carrier & Flask
Coffee Maker & Water Heater
DVT Flight Support Socks
PDA, Laptop & Accessories
Cell Phone & Charger
Extra Batteries for all Electronics
Adapters & Converters
Travel Radio / MP3 Player
Compass, GPS & Pedometer
Binoculars & Altimeter
Noise Canceling Headphones
Ear Planes for Air Pressure
Mini Fan – Battery Operated
Reading Material & Booklight
Snacks for the Airplane
Travel Games & Playing Cards
Cosmetic & Toiletry Bag
Pill Case & Medical Kit
Portable Picnic Kit & Utensils
Travel Sheet Sack & Pillowcase
Lightweight Travel Blanket
Folding Cane / Walking Stick

Aspirin / Pain Reliever & Antacids
Personal Prescriptions with Labels
Insect Repellent & Malaria Pills
Motion Sickness Pills / Sea Bands
Sunscreen & Lip Balm
Diarrhea / Laxative Medicine
Water Purifier / Tablets
Cups – Folding / Collapsible
Antibacterial Towlettes
Hand Sanitizer
Band-Aids & Moleskin
Antibiotic Cream / Neosporin
Air Purifier
No Jet-Lag Pills
Evian Spray & Sanitaire Spray
First Aid Kit